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  • Chris Morrison
    General Manager

  • Aaron Garcia
    Brand Director

    Aaron can trace his roots back to the first 16 families that settled in San Antonio in 1731. In 2013, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of the Incarnate Word with a Bachelor's in Communication Arts. In his free time, he enjoys unboxing electronics on YouTube (having amassed 318k+ views and a C+ rating on SocialBlade). Aaron's favorite Honda is the Civic for its ability to balance a sporty turbocharged engine with optimal fuel efficiency.  

  • Domingo Saenz III
    Sales Manager

    Domingo is originally from Seguin, Texas. In his free time, Domingo enjoys kayak fishing, paintball, and watching his favorite sports team, the Houston Astros. Few know it, but Domingo is a big Anime fan! He has a cat named Dexter and an English Mastiff named Duchess. Domingo's vehicle of choice is the rugged Honda Passport. 

  • Will Hernandez
    Sales Manager

    Will is San Antonio, born and raised. His favorite sports team is the AFC Richmond Greyhounds, the fictional soccer team in Apple TV's hit show Ted Lasso. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family. Will's only life regret is every nap he refused to take as a child. He is said to be an accomplished pianist but refuses to play any other song except for Chopsticks. When asked which is his favorite Honda, his response, the 1979 Honda Prelude. #nuffsaid #legend

  • Armando Moreno
    Sales Manager

    Armando is originally from Floresville; he proudly served our country in the U.S. Marines. He enjoys spending his free time with his family, weight lifting, hiking, and Boxer. Armando has spent some time as a realtor, but his true calling has always been in the automotive industry.

  • James Ozuna
    Sales Manager

    James is originally from San Antonio, Texas and is a huge boxing fan. He also enjoys visiting Disney World and Universal Studios, fishing and spending time with his family. For James "Faith without work is dead". James started a dog breeding business for his son and currently has 17 dogs! When it comes to the Honda line up Jame's favorite model is the Civic.

  • Abram Arizmendi
    Client Specialist

    Abram is a San Antonio native who loves working out, hiking, traveling, night life and exploring new places. He is a New York Yankees fan who currently has a Pomeranian named Todd but would love to one day own a Doberman Pinscher. When is comes to the Honda line up Abram's favorite model is the Accord Touring. 

  • Alan Henderson
    Client Specialist

    Alan is originally from San Antonio and is a Packers and Braves fan. He is a graduate from Harlandale High School who enjoys fishing and hunting. Alan is also a Board Member of a non profit called Fin Addict Angler Foundation. He owns a Blue Heeler named Austin and his favorite Honda vehicle is the NSX S2000. 

  • Chloe Barnard
    Client Specialist

    Chloe is originally from Rockport, Texas. She is a graduate of Somerset High School and holds her Associates of Science from San Antonio College. Her plan is to become a Registered Nurse. Chloe is a country girl who grew up raising stock show animals in the FFA. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, floating the river, fishing, and hunting. She has a donkey named Jack and an Australian Red Heeler named Daiquiri. When choosing her favorite Honda model, she's torn between the Accord and Passport, she might just get both!

  • Cristian Padilla
    Client Specialist

    Cristian is a San Antonio local making him a die-hard Spurs fan. The customer interaction is what he truly enjoys in the sales experience. He loves being able to find the perfect car for his customers. When Cristian isn't busy selling cars you can find him working on them.

  • David Torres
    Client Specialist

    David was born overseas in Japan and is a Spurs, Cowboys and Astros fan. He hobbies include boxing, bodybuilding, gaming and he is a master beat-boxer. David has a Shepard mix named Dexter and the Honda Accord Coupe V6 is his favorite Honda model.

  • Genesis Reyes
    Client Specialist

    Genesis is originally from San Antonio and she loves playing basketball. She has been in sales since 2016 and strives to provide great customer service. When it comes to the Honda lineup her favorite model is the Accord. 

  • John Medelez
    Client Specialist

    John is a military veteran serving in the United States Air Force and Texas Air National Guard. His hobbies include attending live music concerts, driving his 1966 Ford Mustang, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers.

  • Jose Ramirez
    Client Specialist

    Jose is originally from San Antonio and is a Spurs fan. His hobbies include racing cars at the track, fishing and paint balling. Jose has two daughters who he loves spending time with. His favorite Honda model is the s2000 and he says he spends too much money on car parts. 

  • Megan Delgado
    Client Specialist

    Megan is originally from California and her favorite sports team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Her favorite Honda is the Accord.

  • Michael McGarity
    Client Specialist

    Michael, who was born and raised in San Antonio, is also a graduate from Sam Houston State University. He enjoys working out and watching sports. The Dallas Mavericks and The Washington Football team are two of his favorite teams. Michael is the owner of his own brand and has two pit bulls. 

  • Steve Davis
    Client Specialist

    Before coming to Texas, Steve lived in many places, including Korea, Hawaii, Denver, and Massachusetts. He's a big sports fan and enjoys watching the Miami Dolphins. Steve has 18-plus years of automotive experience helping customers select the best vehicle for their needs. He formerly sold cars at a Toyota dealership but is glad to have switched to Honda.

  • Tevin Hernandez
    Client Specialist

    Tevin is originally from San Antonio and is a Spurs, Seahawks and an Atlanta United fan. He enjoys playing video games and anything water related. He graduated from South San Antonio High School and has a German Shepard named Enzo. When it comes to the Honda line up is favorite model the Type-R.

  • JIm McAlpin Jr.
    Finance Director

    Jim is originally from Houston, Texas. Naturally, his favorite sports teams are the Houston Astros and Houston Rockets. He is a proud graduate of Southwest Texas State University and has served customers in the automotive industry for over 37 years. Jim has been married for over 34 years and has two beautiful daughters. In his free time, Jim is on the golf course. His favorite vehicle is the Honda Accord; it's a comfortable ride, with plenty of room for a BagBoy cart and golf bag.

  • Reymundo Hernandez
    Finance Manager

    Reymundo is originally from McAllen, Texas and graduated from PSJA Memorial. He has two pets, Yuri and Miso. When it comes to the Honda line up his favorite model is the Civic for their sporty style and how well they handle on the road.

  • Pete Garza
    Finance Manager

    Pete likes mountain biking, watching Sunday Night Football, and spending time with his family. He believes Hill Country Honda has incredible potential to grow and make a positive impact in the community. If you have questions about Financing your next vehicle or product available, Pete is more than happy to assist you.

  • Brian Gomez
    Finance Manager

    Brian's hometown is right here in San Antonio. He is a loyal fan to the Philadelphia Eagles and enjoys culinary arts. He also likes to spend time pumping iron in the gym and his favorite Honda model is the classic Civic Type-R.

  • Patrina Parker

    Patrina is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is a big supporter of her hometown NFL team, the Saints. She is a graduate of Clark High School. In her free time, she's a digital photographer, a foodie on the lookout for new eateries, and enjoys spending time with her two handsome sons: Louis and Trenton. She is a born-again believer and is very happy about her life in Christ. And she loves her job at Hill Country Honda! Her daily driver is a Honda CR-V; it gets incredible gas mileage and is easy to maintain. 

  • Jeaniekay Torres

    Jeaniekay Torres is from Harlingen, Texas. Her favorite sports team is the San Antonio Spurs and she stays active by scoring goals on the soccer field. She grew up with nine siblings and has a roommate/cat, Peso. Her preferred vehicle is the Honda Civic.

  • Austin Kolb

    Austin was born and raised in San Antonio but has spent some time in Lubbock, Dallas and New Braunfels. It feels natural to have a camera in his hand and he loves capturing candid moments. Austin believes no meal is complete without some Takis and a Dr. Pepper. He is also a God Father to two cats, Benito and Luisa.

  • Louie Velasco

    Louie is originally from Los Angeles, California. His favorite sports teams are the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers. Louie graduated from Business Careers High School and is currently attending UTSA, majoring in Finance. He hopes to build his own business in the future. In his free time, Louie enjoys watching TV and movies. His favorite Honda is the Civic Hatchback.

  • Ashley Matelski
    BDC Agent

    Ashley is originally from Alaska but moved down to Texas because "Brrrrrr". She's also deathly afraid of Polar Bears. She enjoys staring at the Sun and breaking open pecans but not eating them. Ashley's biggest regret is being alive after the dinosaurs died. Her dream is to arm wrestle a T-Rex. 

  • Chris Barron
    BDC Agent

    Chris is a family man, who has a wife and two kids who he loves to spend time with on his days off. He enjoys going on dates with his wife. His favorite sports teams are the Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Christopher Crooks
    Business Development

    Christopher is Texas born and raised. In his free time, he likes to read mysteries, science fiction, and history. He also plays Skyrim and chess. Some of his favorite music comes from Monstercat and Cafe Music BGM. He enjoys helping others prosper. The true definition of prospering is flourishing holistically, not just materially, which includes wellness, happiness, and having no regrets. So after purchasing a vehicle with Chris, he would like for you to leave with the car of your dreams that you thoroughly enjoy.

  • Jose Colon
    BDC Agent

    Jose is originally from Puerto Rico and is fluent in English and Español. He is the proud father of two boys, and an alumnus of the Delta Sigma Pi International Business Fraternity. Jose enjoys traveling, exploring different cities, and trying new eateries; he's a foodie. He drives the Honda Pilot, it's perfect for life's adventures; with plenty of room for travel luggage. 

  • Raheel Shaukat
    Service Director

    Raheel is originally from Irvine, California. He served our country for seven years in the U.S. Army National Guard. In his free time, Raheel enjoys anything related to the great outdoors. He has a Pitbull named Thor and a Catahoula Mix named Dan. His vehicle of choice is the Honda Accord Sport.

  • Phillip Shelly
    Service Drive Manager

  • Mark Marin
    Internal Service Advisor

    Watch Video: Meet Mark Marin

  • Julia Pelayo
    Warranty Clerk Assistant

    Julia has been in the automotive industry for five years. She enjoys spending her free time outdoors, floating the river or working out. Her favorite beach destinations have been Cancun and California. She is a dog mom to her Australian Shepherd named Tilly. She enjoys being a Delivery Specialist and looks forward to meeting new people. Julia's dream came true! She finally became a BDC Agent and couldn't be happier.

  • Daisy Alfaro
    Service Advisor

    Daisy is from San Antonio, born and raised. She graduated from Southwest High School and can speak three languages. In her free time, Daisy enjoys painting, reading, making earrings, and solving crossword puzzles. The Honda Civic is Daisy's favorite vehicle; sedan, coupe, and hatchback.

  • Aaron Soliz
    Service Advisor

    Aaron is from San Antonio, born and raised. He enjoys hunting, fishing, auto racing, and spending time with his family. Texan to the core; Aaron is a devout Spurs Fan and a regular patron of San Antonio's many taco trucks. His daily driver is a custom Honda Accord.

  • Ben Edwards
    Service Advisor

    Ben is originally from Valdosta, Georgia, and is a graduate of Brennan High School. Ben's favorite sports teams are the Atlanta Falcons and the UGA Bulldogs. In his free time, Ben enjoys modifying cars, gaming, and spending time with his family. Half of Ben's family is from England. He has a Great Dane named Finn, and his favorite Honda is the 9th Generation Civic Si.

  • Hunter Christianson
    Service Advisor

    Hunter is originally from South Dakota. He graduated from Washington High School and is a fan of the Indianapolis Colts. Hunter has a dog named Leighton and the NSX is his favorite Honda model.  

  • Sam Contreras
    Parts Manager

    Sam is originally from Chicago Heights, Illinois and his favorite sports teams are the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bulls. He is a graduate of Bloom Township High School. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing. Sam has two dogs, a lab hound mix named Hank and a Dachshund named Sonny. His daily driver is the 2014 Honda Accord Sport six-speed manual. 

  • Javier Johnson

    Javi was born and raised in San Antonio. He loves spending time with his family and watching the Dallas Cowboys and San Antonio Spurs play. In his free time, Javi enjoys camping and fishing outdoors.

  • Adan Moreno

    Adan is from Corpus Christi and is a New England Patriot's fan. He enjoys working on cars and his favorite Honda model 91 Honda CRC Si.

  • Peter Kotara

    Peter is originally from Bandera, Texas. He is a graduate of St. Phillips College. In his free time, Peter trains his three German Shepherds: Axe, Eve, and Cue. He is a die-hard Honda enthusiast, with a reverence for the Honda Prelude.

  • Armando Juarez

    Armando is from San Antonio, born and raised. He graduated from MacArthur High School and is a big San Antonio Spurs fan. In his free time, Armando enjoys playing golf, basketball, and piano. He has a Pitbull named Nova. Armando's daily driver is the Integra Type R.

  • Travis Kessler
    Express Manager

    Travis is from San Antonio, born and raised. He is a graduate of Bandera High School and has a keen interest in horticulture. Travis raises seven chickens and has a dog named Squirmz. His favorite Honda is the 1991 Honda Accord wagon.

  • Edgar Chapa
    Assistant Express Manager

    Edgar is originally from Laredo, Texas and is a Spurs fan. He is an auto enthusiast who enjoys racing, building engines, riding motorcycles and cooking out. An interesting fact about Edgar is that he learned how to rebuild an engine before he learned how to drive. He graduated from JB Alexander High School and can play the Alto Saxophone. Edgar has a Doberman named Violet and the Honda S2000 and Type R are his favorite Honda models.  

  • Zach Staley
    Express Service Advisor

  • Matthew Zuniga
    Express Service Advisor

    Matthew is originally from San Antonio and is a Cowboys and Spurs fan. He enjoys kayaking, fishing and playing basketball. A fun fact about Matthew is that he once played horse with George "The Ice Man" Gervin! When it comes to the Honda lineup Matthew's favorite model is the Civic Type R.

  • Bo Rodriguez
    Express Service Advisor

  • Jimmy Pacheco

  • Steve Magana

  • Adam Miller
    Porter/Grounds Keeper

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