Honda Ridgeline parked at a campground

Honda Trucks vs. the Competition

Where Do They Stack Up Where it Matters to You?

When you decide to buy or lease a truck, it's important to assess each model on the market to learn which can support the lifestyle that you have in mind. The Honda Ridgeline can not only excel in many ways, but it can stand out in a full market of reliable trucks to provide a unique take on an old segment. It makes sense that our customers should learn how the Honda Ridgeline compares to the Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and Ford F-150 before deciding which truck to bring home, and that's what we're here for -- to help you decide.

You can learn how the Ridgeline stands out and then take your test drive to fully grasp how important these subtle differences are to you. Read on to learn more, then contact us for a test drive.

Honda Ridgeline Interior

Honda Ridgeline vs. Toyota Tacoma

  • The beginning prices for these two trucks is important, and the Ridgeline is priced lower than the Tacoma is, even when comparably equipped.
  • Fuel economy in the Ridgeline is higher than it is in the Tacoma, despite being more powerful than the Toyota model.
  • Safety is important, and the Ridgeline scored Five Stars in all of the NHTSA's tests, while the Tacoma scored only Four Stars.
  • The Toyota Tacoma's base engine offers 278 horsepower, which is fine, except that the base trim of the Honda Ridgeline gives you 280 horsepower.

Honda Ridgeline vs. Nissan Frontier

  • Safety ratings in the Frontier are dramatically low, hovering around two or three stars, while the Ridgeline scored Five Stars in every category crash test that the NHTSA threw at it.
  • Brake Assist is standard in the Ridgeline, however, in the Frontier, it's not available on the base trim level, which makes sense considering the differing safety ratings.
  • The Frontier also fails to offer a base rearview camera like the Ridgeline does, which again makes sense given its safety rating.
  • Up to 261 horsepower is what you get in the base trim level of the Nissan Frontier, while the base trim level of the Honda Ridgeline gives you up to 280 horsepower.
Honda Ridgeline parked in front of an Austin, TX restaurant
Honda Ridgeline driving through the desert

Honda Ridgeline vs. Ford F-150

  • The Honda Ridgeline has more passenger volume than the base F-150 does.
  • The Ridgeline can give you plenty of space in the cab, while the Ford F-150 makes you spend a lot more to equip a cab, which raises the price above the Honda model.
  • Drivers looking for to save money will be happy to find the quality in the Ridgeline because the destination fee for this truck is much lower than that of Ford's, so custom ordering your F-150 will be much more expensive.
  • When it comes to offering you better ritual value over time, the Honda Ridgeline excels far above the Ford F-150 by providing its drivers a better value percentage retention over 36 months, and even after 60 months, it stands out ahead of the Ford model.

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