Government Shutdown Relief for San Antonio

We know the current government shutdown is affecting a majority of citizens in San Antonio. Hill Country Honda would like to help alleviate the financial burden. Trading your current vehicle on a new honda can mean 3-4 months of no car payments, allowing time for a return to work and payments on other recurring bills that may have stacked up. If one less bill to worry about for a few months during this hardship translates to less stress for you, please call us today. In addition to military incentives, many current year models have additional offers. Buying a car during times like this may seem like a bad idea. In reality, doing so offers a way to protect your credit, while buying some time and peace of mind with America's most sensible car. Don't wait until your past due on your current car. It's imperative to act quickly. Call today at 281.994.5555 to get the process started. In the meantime, we wish you all the best and thank the many of our residents who serve this great city and country.

Matthew Cole
General Manager
Hill Country Honda
cell # 214-724-8204