Comparing the Camry to the 2018 Honda Accord in San Antonio

The 2018 Honda Accord in San Antonio is now available at Hill Country Honda! This vehicle has plenty of amazing features and simply stands above the competition. Even comparing it to the iconic Toyota Camry, you’ll see that the 2018 Honda Accord wins out due to its…

Amazing Safety

Both vehicles have various safety features to keep you safe including advanced features such as crash mitigating brakes, lane departure warning and electronic stability systems. However, the Accord stands out with smart airbags. These airbags utilize vehicle speed sensors and pressure sensors to determine the force of deploying an airbag. For example, if a child is leaning against a door, the side airbag will not deploy, which can prevent injury from the deployment of the airbag. The Accord also sports a driver alert monitor which can alert a driver to take a break if their driving becomes erratic due to inattentiveness. The Camry does not have any of these features.

Powerful Engines

The 2018 Honda Accord in San Antonio has a more powerful engine compared to the 2018 Toyota Camry.
Header 1Torque
Accord 1.5 Turbo 4 cyl.192 lbs. - ft.
Accord 2.0 Turbo 4 cyl.273 lbs. - ft.
Camry 2.5 DOHC 4 cyl.184 lbs. - ft.
Camry XSE 2.5 DOHC 4 cyl.186 lbs. - ft.
Camry XSE/XLE 3.5 DOHC V6267 lbs. - ft.

Smooth Suspension and Handling Features

Nobody likes a bumpy ride. With the 2018 Honda Accord, you’ll have an available drive-adjustable suspension system that helps you adapt to any type of road or driving condition! Driving for the long haul? Switch over to an extra-supple ride to mitigate all the bumps in the road. Want more control? The sport setting gives you the ultimate control over the Accord, helping you make those tight turns. The Camry doesn’t offer this feature. The Camry also doesn’t have a vehicle speed sensitive variable-assist power steering. This feature can give you low-effort parking and better control at highway speeds during hard cornering.

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