A head to head comparison of a 2017 Honda Ridgeline to a 2017 Toyota Tacoma in Engine Performance Near San Antonio, TX.

Honda Ridgeline

Compared To Toyota Tacoma 2017

The Ridgeline’s 3.5 SOHC V6 produces 121 more horsepower (280 vs. 159) and 82 lbs.-ft. more torque (262 vs. 180) than the Tacoma’s standard 2.7 DOHC 4 cyl. The Ridgeline’s 3.5 SOHC V6 produces 2 more horsepower (280 vs. 278) than the Tacoma’s optional 3.5 DOHC V6.

As tested in Car and Driver the Honda Ridgeline is faster than the Toyota Tacoma V6 (automatics tested):
Zero to 30 MPH2.5 sec3.2 sec
Zero to 60 MPH6.6 sec8.1 sec
5 to 60 MPH Rolling Start5.9 sec8.1 sec
Passing 30 to 50 MPH4 sec4.1 sec
Quarter Mile15.2 sec16.2 sec
Speed in 1/4 Mile93 MPH91 MPH